The research is conducted in partnership with primary funder, the Pacific Island Climate Science Center (PICSC), NOAA's Pacific Research and Integrated Science Assessments Program (Pacific RISA),  and the Marshall Islands Conservation Society (MICS). 

Pacific island climate science center

PICSC provides "natural resource managers and cultural stewards in federal, state, and local agencies access to the best science available on climate change and other landscape-scale stressors that are impacting the nation’s natural and cultural resources..

Pacific RISA

"The Pacific RISA emphasizes integrated research that addresses real-world problems. Work includes the downscaling of climate projections for specific island locations. Unavailable to date, this is critical for island climate adaptation planning...

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Marshall Islands Conservation Society

"The MICS is dedicated to building awareness, support and capacity for sustainable use of resources, conservation and protection of biodiversity through the Reimaanlok process and Micronesia Challenge commitment...